About Us

Training Farmers Through Our Urban Farm Project

“Grow a garden, grow a community.”

FASHA’s newest venture is an exciting project in Urban Agriculture. Part community urban farm, part hydroponics, the project’s aims are to provide training and transferable skills to individuals and parties interested in pursuing farming endeavors, to assist in honing their skills and readying them for careers in urban farming.Through our urban farm in the middle of one of Nashville’s most diverse neighborhoods, we provide opportunities to learn hands on farming skills with various techniques. We also instruct lessons and workshops in conducting agriculture as a business, and receive training in business planning, marketing and sales. Additionally the community garden aspect of the project will provide the greater neighborhood with ready access to fresh and healthy food. Interested individuals can submit applications for a subplot, where they can grow a variety of vegetables. Our urban farm initiative will contribute to the refugee and immigrant community as they become healthy food consumers.
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