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Urban Garden Festival – Success!

This past weekend, the Master Gardners of Davidson County held their Annual Urban Garden Festival. Although it was our first time participating, we enjoyed our overall experience. We got a chance to provide attendees with information about our organization, and our urban farm project. We must have spoken to hundreds of people.


Workin’ the booth.

Our understanding of the festival is that in the past, it’s attracted about 500 attendees, and this year, attendance tripled, bringing in over 1400 people!

We have found the Master Gardners of Davidson County to be incredibly supportive of our project. Giving us an opportunity to participate in their annual festival was just an extension of the support they have given our project.


We had a lot of information to share!

They were many opportunities to network with people in similar fields. We were introduced to producers and artisans of all walks, and witness various demonstrations from experts.


Metro Police showed up. Equestrian style.

We loved the experience, and look forward to participating next year!



Official Ground Breaking Scheduled!

FASHA_FinalLogoWe’re so excited about everything that’s been going on with the urban farm. We’re slowly seeing it come to life. We’ve been meeting with community groups, ESL classes, and refugee elders. There is palpable excitement about the project. It’s one of the first of its kind in our city. We’re paving the way and making waves, and we’re happy to have community support.

With that said, we’re pleased to announce that our groundbreaking date is OFFICIALLY SET.

Save the date: May 31st, 2014. We will be working on the site from 8am – 12 noon.

We’re inviting the greater community to join us. Our community of farmers will receive their plots, seeds, and if there are any tools donated, they will receive them too!

We’ve humbly and patiently worked on this project for a while. We’re happy to see it come to fruition. And we hope you will join us!



Prep Mode Activated!

The last two months have been incredibly busy for us here at FASHA. We’ve been working with a great team of dedicated individuals who are helping us get ready for our project launch at the end of May. We’ve been laying the ground work for what we hope will be a spectacular project that the whole Nashville community can get behind.

Tilling in Progress

Tilling in Progress

As we mentioned in the past, the property we use for our urban farm is a “flood zone” property. That means, it’s one of many properties around Nashville that sits unoccupied, indefinitely, because it tends to flood. The specific property we have access to, used to contain two houses, but since the devastating floods of 2010, both houses were permanently removed. Once the houses were removed along with pipes and plumbing, the only thing left was this empty, but glorious piece of land. We have lots of plans for this space, and we will continue to share them with you as we go along.

Measuring the space we will use.

Measuring the space we will use.

Over the past two months, we have gotten some water/plumbing put back unto the property.

We have water!

We have water!

We got a chance to flag the area, where we will first break ground, and install our farm plots.

Master Gardeners and Extension Office give us a hand in flagging the farming plots

Master Gardeners and Extension Office give us a hand in flagging the farming plots

And we have gotten the Sheriff’s office to assist us with tilling the area.

Heavy Machinery At Work

Heavy Machinery At Work

Every week there is something happening on the property to prepare for the project launch, and ceremonial groundbreaking at the end of May.